Thursday, February 25, 2010

Energy Policy Recommendations

Create a nine cents per pound federal sales tax on all motor fuels derived from fossil fuels. Increase the tax with the monthly CPI plus four cents per gallon each month for the next 39 years. Slap a buyer's cartel fee of $244 on each barrel of oil or petroleum products costing more than $44. Break off trade relations with any non-OPEC nation that does not enact similar or larger cartel fees and Pigouvian taxes on oil products.

Provide federal funding to build at least 64,000 US roundabouts at a mean cost of no more than $305,000 per roundabout.

Eliminate fuel economy rules (CAFE) for vehicles. Ban cash for clunkers. Ban cap and trade.

Approve construction of well-designed fast breeder reactors.

Create a $54 per ton (of carbon emissions) negative externality tax on fossil fuel generated electricity consumed within the US. Increase the tax with the CPI plus three dollars each year for the next 49 years.

Require all two-stroke engines to have retrofit kits installed that eliminate at least 80 percent of harmful emissions (not counting carbon dioxide).

Require all marine engines entering US waters to meet strict emissions standards. Ban the domestic sale of bunker fuel to shippers. Ban any ship burning bunker fuel from entering US waters. Fine any ship carrying bunker fuel in US waters $1.11 per kilo of bunker fuel found on board. Seize assets of shippers who fail to pay bunker fuel fines.

Require all local, state, and federal government entities to use light bulbs with the lowest overall costs in light fixtures.

Use 1.2 percent of federal spending on alternative energy research and development (including energy storage technologies), especially batteries, super-capacitors, and thorium related research and development. Make all patents developed with these funds solely the property of all citizens.

Create electronic vouchers to inspect and weatherize utility using US buildings not already inspected.

Mail (with written and DVD instructions) to every US household: an Ambient Orb, Kill-A-Watt, electric mattress pad, mini power minder, window bubble wrap, and compact fluorescent light bulb (or cheaper equivalents) for Christmas. Implement the Energy Future Coalition conservation prescriptions:

Ban all NIMBY lawsuits, zoning ordinances, and HOA regulations restricting the use of energy conservation practices and non-fossil fuel sources of energy.

Require countdown timers at all traffic lights.

Create a GPS air traffic control system.

Eliminate the Energy Star program. Ban any Energy Star labeling on products. (The program is riddled with fraud.)

Repeal the Jones Act, requiring US built ships for domestic shipping. Eliminate the harbor maintenance tax on domestic shipping.

Allow the sale and use of licensed four wheel vehicles that have not passed federal passenger safety standards on roads with speed limits under 31 miles per hour.

Require all imported and exported goods, not transported most of their journeys by sail, to pay a one dollar per 88 pounds of weight negative externalities fee.

Ban the use of corn stover for electrical production.

Ban states from closing rest areas, except for short-term repairs.
Auction plots of land in large rest areas for gas stations.

JT Fournier, last updated March 17, 2016

Foreign Policy Recommendations

Ban federal foreign aid to foreign governments, quasi-governmental entities, and the employees of foreign governments, except aid for family planning, communicable disease prevention, and defense from wars of aggression.

Implement the Copenhagen Consensus 2012 prescriptions.n

Vaccinate at least 98 percent of children worldwide for measles. Deliver insecticide sprayed mosquito netting to at least 98 percent of individuals in malaria prone areas.

Per the Bellagio Study Group: Spend 2.5 billion dollars yearly for prevention and treatment of malaria worldwide, four billion dollars yearly for treatment of other childhood illnesses. Per Bjorn Lomborg: Spend $60 million each year to provide micronutrients to 140 million undernourished children. Per the Stop TB Partnership: Provide DOTS tuberculosis treatment to almost all TB victims. Provide hepatitis B vaccinations to high risk individuals.

Start a $40 billion fund to conduct bio-prospecting research and development in poor country biological hot-spots, provided any beneficial substances discovered during the prospecting enters the public domain. Provide funds for schools of medicine and clinical pharmacology. Require that the fund enrolls at least 4,000,000 participants in strictly run clinical trials.

Ban the importation of goods not meeting standards similar to ILO standards.

Create coordinated import controls of imported oil so prices do not skyrocket when glitches occur.

Ban all federally sponsored or subsidized loans to foreign governments, organizations, and individuals.

Per William Greider: Suspend NAFTA's investor-state enforcement mechanism allowing corporations to sue governments because government regulations of corporate misbehaviors  incurred losses to corporations. Do not sign trade agreements with anything similar to NAFTA's Chapter 11.

Issue work permits to infidel, nontourist US Visa holders upon arrival at their port of entry.

Eliminate federal funding for the Peace Corps.

Boycott and embargo any nation requiring death, imprisonment or corporal punishment for sexual preference status.

Ban any non-citizen or entity from ever suing any US citizen or legal resident for libel or slander in any US court. Ban any US entity from upholding any foreign libel, slander or speech crimes against legal US entities, citizens, and residents.

Require 5100 hours of human service from all immigrants.

Ban any U.S. government assistance to foreign schools and to students attending schools outside the United States.

JT Fournier, last updated January 19, 2015

Health Policy Recommendations

Create a universal, insurance free, free to enroll health care system open to all US citizens and green card holders, locally administered, employing government medical workers receiving hourly wages, with strict state and federal oversight. Allow those wanting to pay for alternative health care at private facilities that option. Eliminate medicare, medicaid, and the prescription drug "benefit." Require federal health care purchasers to almost always make purchases as a buyer's cartel. Fund comprehensive family planning, including free IUD installation. Pay any fertile, U.S. resident female $200 cash when they have their first IUD installed by the new health care system. Legalize the re-importation of prescription drugs. Give FDA approval to Plan B.

Require mandatory vaccination of all children, visitors, and immigrants for measles, mumps, and whooping cough.

Create a national registry on how individuals fare after surgeries.

Per Larry Zaroff: Create a nationwide database of drugs prescribed to patients. Make the database available to almost all working pharmacists and those permitted to write prescriptions. Per Shannon Brownlee: Create "a new Institute for Effective Medicine... Its mission would be threefold. It would serve as a new, independent source of research dollars for medicine. It would provide independent evaluation of data generated by industry. And it would oversee the creation of clinical practice guidelines, a manual of proven 'best practices' for physicians devised entirely without industry influence."

Increase the NIH budget by at least 14 percent. Use the 14 percent to investigate and implement non-patent treatments with the highest benefit-cost ratios.

Cut the number of federally funded endarterectomys by at least 50 percent. Cut the number of federally funded back surgeries by at least 60 percent and the number of chondroplasties by at least 90 percent.

Prohibit makers and distributors of drugs or medical devices from giving gifts to anyone in the medical industry. Prohibit drug and device makers from giving anything to doctors employed by the government.

Require anyone with a trivial complaint, who demands an ambulance or goes to the emergency room, to pay out of pocket or perform 20 hours of community service or serve three days in jail (if they fail to pay or show for community service.)

Increase federal funding for addictive drug vaccines, and addictive drug vaccine research by at least 100 percent.

Increase federal funding for pain management research and education by 95 percent. Double the number of federally funded pain management clinical trials.

Implement a 100 percent VAT on all products more than 10 percent meat or fish or both--except poultry, nutria, tilapia, feral swine, Asian carp, and constrictor snakes. Implement a 60 percent VAT on poultry and a 15 percent VAT on tilapia. Create a 55 percent VAT on non-meat food products that provide more than 24 percent of their calories from any combination of sucrose, glucose, maltose, dextrose, fructose, nonsugar refined carbs, saturated fat, partially hydrogenated fat or fully hydrogenated fat. Require food labels to list the masses in grams of trans fatty acids and fully hydrogenated fats to two decimal places. Prohibit the sale of foods containing more than four percent of their calories in trans fats. Ban the retail sale to children under 16 of all foods having more than two percent by mass trans fats, one percent fully hydrogenated fats or four percent by mass any sugar.

Fully fund the Johns Hopkins Clinical Compound Screening Initiative to test existing drugs for efficacy against illnesses they were not developed to help. Require drug makers to remove drugs from the market when follow up studies indicate their harms outweigh benefits. End federal funding for treatments with overall harms outweighing overall benefits.

Amend relevant privacy laws so price and quality data on doctors can be collected, analyzed, and published. Pass the National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation Bill--creating a national database of medical errors, researching injury prevention, and implementing injury prevention programs.

Require states to increase the number of nursing school graduates 45 percent and medical school graduates 68 percent to qualify for federal health care funds. Continue increasing medical field enrollments in proportion to population increases. Create one national medical licensing board. Prohibit all doctors from working more than 15 straight hours. Require they leave their place of work for at least nine hours after their shift ends. Allow qualified nurses and physician assistants to act in place of general practice physicians.

Increase funding for Toxoplasma Gondii research.

Reinstate the U.S. entry ban on HIV positive individuals.

Provide $1.3 billion per year for the NIH to publish and advertise the best clinical research on drugs. Provide an additional $840 million per year for the NIH to study the effectiveness of drugs with expired patents and study the effectiveness of substances lacking patents in new medical applications. Provide at least $400 million per year for the NIH to study and compare the cost effectiveness of all relevant drugs for a given illness. End the ban on stem cell research. Increase funding on domestic flu vaccine research and production by $1.1 billion per year.

Stockpile 680 million doses of smallpox vaccine, enough for every citizen and for non-Americans at places of outbreak. Per Michael Alderman: Produce bacterial pneumonia vaccine for every American.

Legalize irradiation for almost all foods.

Separate prisoners with lethal, contagious diseases from the rest of the prison population. Prohibit prisons from hiring guards having lethal contagious diseases.

Require dietary supplements to comply with food and drug laws.

Allow competent adults to sell their body parts and to sell their future cadavers. (Bruce Gottlieb: 2,300 people a year die waiting for kidney transplants. Kidneys from dead people last eight years. Kidneys donated from the living last 17 years. Dialysis costs $40,000 per year for those waiting for a transplant. Others in medicine make money. It is unjust to prohibit potential donors from selling parts.) Place organ donation stickers on all driver's licenses. Require individuals to opt out if they do not wish to donate organs.

Require drivers older than 76 to pass a driving test once every two years.

Allow all licensed physicians to prescribe Mifepristone, also known as RU-486. (Reasons: Little danger, earlier abortions rather than more and later abortions.)

Require all acetaminophen tablets to contain low doses of N-acetyleysteine.

Allocate at least $30 million annually for the study and development of 18-mc, noribogaine, and similar drugs.

Test more cancer drugs on humans, including many that failed on mice.

Terminate FDA drug export license requirements.

Allow drug companies to sell new drugs proven sufficiently safe, but not yet proven effective, provided the drugs are labeled as such in at least a 12 point font in neon orange containers. Ban other medicines from having similar colored containers.

Eliminate the Supplemental Nutrition Access Program (food stamps).

Provide every American not incarcerated, above age two, with a $1360 annual electronic voucher good for the purchase of broccoli, cabbages, onions, tofu, kale, okra, kudzu, cauliflower, celery, radishes, rutabagas, scallions, spinach, squashes, purslane, eggplant, turnips, lentils, cucumbers, almonds, walnuts, wild nutria, wild boar, wild snakehead, wild javalina, feral pigs, apples, kohlrabi, fennel, wild lionfish, wild Asian carp, cilantro, hummus, escarole, arugula, chayote, artichokes, asparagus, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, split peas, bok choy, curly dock, collard greens, lemon grass, Brussels sprouts, water spinach, dandelion greens, all lettuces, watercress, beet greens, garlic mustard greens, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, baby corn, green peas, stinging nettle, edible cacti, turnip greens, Japanese knotweed, sweet potato greens, lamb's quarter, all beans except coffee and cocoa beans, peppers, psyllium husk fiber, other non-calorie fibers, blackeye peas, pea greens, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, chestnuts, oat bran, corn bran, oat bran bread, wheat germ, soy flour, carob powder, garbanzo bean flour, textured vegetable protein, whole grain teff, whole amaranth, whole grain corn flour, whole grain corn meal, sweetener free salad dressings, non-palm vegetable oils, non-palm mayonnaise, sweetener and trans fat free imitation meat products  and alpha-galactosidase supplements. Make the voucher nonrefundable and prohibit the addition of expensive or unhealthy substances to items purchased with vouchers. Make three years hard labor the recommended sentence for voucher fraud by recipients and twenty years hard labor for voucher fraud by sellers for any federal voucher program.

Require all prison and public school meals to provide at least 96 percent of their calories from plants, to deliver at least 2.8 grams of fiber per 100 calories, contain fewer than 30 percent of their calories from refined carbohydrates, fewer than 2.1 grams of sugars per 100 calories, fewer than 0.2g trans fats per 100 calories, fewer than 1.4g saturated fats per 100 calories.

Pass H.R. 3160, a bill giving the Secretary of Agriculture the ability  to take various food safety actions.

From Goodman and Musgrave: Require cost estimates prior to any medical service over $160, except in cases where the patient or their representatives are not fit to respond and the patient needs immediate care.

Require random and stealthy inspections by the FDA, at least once per year, of all facilities where drugs for the U.S. market are tested or manufactured, no matter the location. Ban facilities, its doctors and executives if repeated or systemic fraud exists. Reject any private medical study from foreign facilities with rates of positive efficacy results higher than the 70th percentile of U.S. facilities.

JT Fournier, last updated August 27, 2013

Financial Policy Recommendations

Choose monetary policies that maximize overall benefit.

Allow experimentation with a small number of Greenbacks, but do not allow inflation to rise above six percent.

Require every state and local government entity with over 60,000 residents to establish public banks or credit unions, roughly modeled on the Bank of North Dakota, to maximize beneficence to the citizens of each state. Prohibit any employee of any public bank from earning more than four times the national median family income.

Prohibit the issuance of state or federal waivers for all health, safety, and financial regulations, except when those waivers have been approved by the majority of relevant legislatures.

Require all lenders to obtain, directly from the IRS, the prior three years of tax transcripts for loan applicants on any loans exceeding $49,000. Require the transcripts to be communicated by a method that cannot be forged. Repeal any laws that prohibit lenders from obtaining those transcripts.

Require all regulators to take a daily oath to regulate according to the law. Fire and replace any regulators who refuse to regulate according to law. End all FBI partnerships with lobbyists and corporations.

Make executives and proprietors criminally liable for repeated wage theft.

Require mandatory credit counseling before individuals declare bankruptcy. Require individuals with larger incomes and larger assets to repay more of what they owe when they file.

Per Peter Swire, and as Daniel Prieto notes, institute "a $50 cap and automatic dispute resolution for identity theft losses, similar to the basic anti-fraud provisions for credit cards."

Centralize all federal financial regulators and regulations in one agency under control of the treasury secretary, with oversight by the House to prevent corruption driven hiring and firing. Quadruple the number of financial regulators and investigators. Fire and replace all regulators who fail to regulate according to the law. Enact sanctions or other costs on nations that fail to enact similar taxes. Per William Black: Add 1,000 FBI agents to investigate white collar crimes.

Limit financial institutions to thirteen-to-one leverage ratios in bad times and eight-to-one ratios in good times.

Require regulations applying to one financial instrument to apply to all similar instruments, regardless whether labels differ. Create new transparency rules.

Turn government-supported enterprises into nonprofit government agencies, then slowly break them up and sell them or kill them.

Charge banking entities having more than $960 million in deposits or 0.19 percent of national deposits an additional $22 of deposit insurance per year, per each $1000 in balances (counting all entities with their parent entities).

Strengthen SEC disclosure rules and enforcement.

Allow bankruptcy courts to alter home mortgage terms. Prohibit mortgage lenders from repackaging loans. Eliminate FHA housing insurance.

Require all publicly traded entities having assets greater than $6 million or gross receipts greater than $8 million per year to make their tax returns public.

Require all public high school students to take a morally risk-neutral personal finance course and require all public high schools to provide such.

Prohibit all financial bailouts not getting equivalent or greater market rate equity in return. Unwind bankrupt financial entities with no compensation given to equity owners. Unwind any too big to fail entity. Prevent investment banks from having limited liability protections. Prohibit the federal government from suing states and local governments to protect predatory financial entities.

Prohibit U.S. banks from doing business with shell banks or businesses involved in money laundering. Enact sanctions on nations cavalier about banks doing business with shell banks or businesses heavily into money laundering.

Support international efforts to reduce money-laundering, tax evasion, and rogue banking. (Rich criminals say it would violate their right to privacy. Too bad. Their right to criminal privacy is outweighed by the rights of others to protection from crime and by the benefit created by preventing parasites from profiting. Almost no one complains that the government has access to the financial records of ordinary wage earners, individuals who cannot afford battalions of lawyers to defend themselves. Yet financial criminals expect that they should get special privileges to do harm.)

Repeal the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, and legal elements of the National Home Ownership Strategy. Ban futures trading for all commodities. Prohibit any entity that participates in offshore futures trading from importing anything into the U.S.

Require all states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico to appoint a mortgage regulator.

Ban all government contracting with all inverted corporations, including when it conflicts with trade agreements. Ban all federal contracts with entities that require employees to sign contracts requiring legal conflicts be resolved through arbitration.

Require credit card entities to give customers at least 23 days to make a payment before adding late fees. Prohibit credit card entities from increasing interest rates on existing balances, except when a payment is at least 30 days late. Prohibit credit card entities from charging interest exceeding the inflation rate plus 12 percentage points. Prohibit credit card late fees larger than $20. Ban credit cards offering more than $14,000 in credit.

Pass H.R. 3221, banning federal contracting with companies engaging in fraudulent practices.

Ban naked short selling and all other forms of selling without ownership. Ban securitization.

Require all banking entities to list all assets and liabilities.

Pass a law allowing the treasury secretary to implement efficient, thorough capital controls to slash the trade deficit when the harms from trade deficits become excessive.

Pressure giant banks to break up per Dean Baker: "banks would be given sliding targets, say an asset cap of $1 trillion in three years, $600 billion in five years, and $200 billion in ten years. They would face large and growing fines on the amount of assets they held in excess of these caps... after three years they could face a penalty of 1 cent for every dollar in assets they held in excess of $1 trillion. This means that if JP Morgan still has a level of assets near its $1.6 trillion current level after the first deadline it would pay $6 billion a year in penalties. The penalty could rise to 1.5 cents on the dollars for assets over $1 trillion at the point where the $600 billion ceiling took effect. In that case, they would be paying a penalty of 1.5 cents on their assets above $1 trillion and 1 cent on their assets between $600 billion and $1 trillion."

Require all remuneration above nine times median family income at any publicly traded corporation to be severely restricted stock, with only five percent transferable per year. Institute a two percent of market value annual federal property tax on all properties owned or leased by corporations.

Per Elizabeth Warren: Create a financial product safety commission.

Per William Greider: "Restore the boundaries between commercial banking and investment banking... [a]ssign the Federal Reserve's regulatory role to a new public agency that is visible and politically accountable... [r]e-enact the federal law against usury."

Per Robert Reich: "Credit-rating agencies should no longer be paid by the companies whose issues are being rated; they should be paid by those who use their ratings... Institutional investors like pension funds and mutual funds should not be getting investment advice from the same banks that profit off their investments; the advice should come from sources without a financial stake... investment banks [must] return to being partnerships and the capital on their books be their own, not yours or your pension fund's..."

Per George Soros: "The issuance and trading of derivatives ought to be as strictly regulated as stocks. Regulators ought to insist that derivatives be homogeneous, standardized and transparent."

Ban the selling of new credit default swaps and CDOs. Prohibit entities with more than $400 million in assets or deposits from owning existing credit default swaps.

Create a new Pecora Commission to investigate and prosecute high-cost financial crimes. Ban leveraged buyouts. Strictly regulate futures contracts in industries where cartels, monopolies, or oligopolies exist.

Per Amar Bhide, "revive the radical idea of narrow banking and tightly limit what banks (and any other entities that raise short term deposits from the public) can do: nothing besides making loans—after old-fashioned due diligence— and simple hedging transactions..."

Per Willem Buiter: "Regulate all systemically important highly leveraged financial enterprises, whatever they call themselves: commercial bank, investment bank, universal bank, hedge fund, SIV, CDO, private equity fund or bicycle repair shop. Regulate all markets for systemically important financial instruments. Regulate all systemically important financial infrastructure or plumbing: payment, clearing, settlement systems, mechanisms and platforms, and the associated provision of custodial services. Do it all on a cross-border basis... First, there is a positive list of financial instruments and institutions. Anything that is not explicitly allowed is forbidden. To get a new instrument or new institution approved, there will have to be testing, scrutiny by regulators, supervisors, academic specialists and other interested parties, and pilot projects. It is possible that, once a new instrument or institution has been approved, it is only available ‘with a prescription'. For instance, only professional counter-parties rather than the general public could be permitted."

Prohibit the issuance of home mortgages having monthly payments larger than 28 percent of any buyer's mean monthly income. Make 30 years hard labor the recommended sentence for any member of lending institutions willfully creating mortgages in excess of 28 percent.

Allow the elected central bank chairperson to make Federal Reserve appointments and firings. Require the central bank to reveal information about all loans it makes. Provide for the impeachment of the chairperson by three-fourths congressional vote.

Let bankruptcy judges decide which parties should be paid and how much when distributing bankruptcy assets.

Prohibit all federally insured financial entities from making or selling any financial instruments other than loans and their stock.

Prohibit all financial entities receiving federal loans, including any loans from the central bank, from making or selling any financial instruments other than loans and their stock.

Prohibit anyone who earned more than $380,00 annually from corporations, at any point in her lifetime, from being employed by the federal government.

Cancel tax treaties with countries that do not provide tax query information. Prohibit US banks from doing business with entities in countries that aid tax evasion by US citizens

Eliminate the Enron loophole and any other rules exempting trading from regulations.

Pass the Specter Amendment altering the Exchange Act, allowing anti-fraud actions against enablers of fraud.

Require all creditors to resell all foreclosed homes within 60 days of foreclosure to individuals who will use the homes as their primary residence. Fine creditors $241 per day each day after 60 the homes remain unsold.

Make lifetime hard labor the recommended sentence for control fraud exceeding $240,000. Fine those convicted of identity theft tax fraud $200,000 plus any fraudulently obtained funds.

Ban all forms of credit risk insurance for corporations.

Per Savvy Emailer: "Make it illegal for financial institutions to transact off balance sheet."

Prohibit anyone or anything from taking out a life insurance policy on an individual without that individual's knowledge. Prohibit corporations from taking out life insurance policies on individuals unless those individuals' children, spouses, parents are the beneficiaries.

Ban the issuance of any new credit cards.

Place a $200,000 cap on executive lawsuits against companies.

Require selection of board members for publicly traded companies by shareholders in proportion to shares held, excluding shareholders with shares below a federally mandated level. Ban the top two executives from voting. Require a re-election of top executives at publicly traded companies by board members any time a majority of board members request such.

Ban increases in any form of remuneration for any executive at publicly traded companies whose share price decreased over the previous six months.

Ban hedge funds.

Prohibit any board director at any publicly traded corporation that filed for bankruptcy during their tenure from serving on any board at any publicly traded corporation again.

Require boards at publicly traded corporations to be at least one-third randomly selected citizens willing to serve on the boards, having IQs of at least 116 and having served fewer than two days in jail during their lifetimes.

Ban capital appreciation bonds.

Require public pension funds to be invested in index funds.

Ban any government entity from obtaining any financial instrument with interest rates greater than four points above the inflation rate.

Implement some of "Overcoming Short-termism" found here:

JT Fournier, last updated March 17, 2016

Freedom Policy Recommendations

Eliminate all federal drug "war" spending.

Restore habeas corpus for those detained by the government and its subcontractors. Repeal the Military Commissions Act and 2006 Defense Authorization Act. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security.

Pass the Federal Agency Data Mining Reporting Act of 2007, Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007, Congressional Lawmaking Authority Protection Act of 2007, Preserving United States Attorney Independence Act of 2007, American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba Detention Center Closure Act of 2007, Military Commissions Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007, Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, Anti-Torture Clause in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, National Security Letters Reform Act of 2007, State Secrets Protection Act, Torture Outsourcing Prevention Act, National Security with Justice Act of 2007, Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 2007, Open Government Act of 2007, Openness Promotes Effectiveness in our National Government Act (OPEN) Government Act of 2007, Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, Whistleblower Protection Bill, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Modernization Act of 2007, RESTORE Act of 2007 (Responsible Electronic Surveillance that is Overseen, Reviewed and Effective Act), Executive Branch Accountability Act of 2009, OPEN FOIA Act of 2009, FISA Amendments Act of 2009, National Security Letters Reform ACT of 2009, State Secrets Protection Act, Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Protection Act of 2009, and NSA Oversight Act. If any of the above legislation contradicts other laws recommended herein, write laws eliminating the contradiction.

Repeal the USA Patriot Act.

Repeal the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2011.

Allow private companies and individuals to deliver all forms of mail.

Require Internet transactions to pay the same sales taxes as other transactions. Pass a net neutrality law.

Require all law enforcement officials to take an annual oath stating it is not illegal to audio or video record the public behaviors of law enforcement officials and that they will not arrest or prosecute anyone for audio or video recording public activities, and that they will not confiscate those audio or video recordings. Withhold federal funds to any state or local government that concocts laws banning the recording of any public activities by anyone.

Eliminate federal laws on the production, distribution, and possession of marijuana, laughing gas, and alkyl nitrites.

Pass the Community Access Preservation Act of 2009 and The Local Community Radio Act. Ban all media mergers involving corporations having more than $60 million in assets. Prohibit all foreign entities and individuals from owning any media entity that uses the electromagnetic spectrum or has wires crossing public lands.

Require all public and private corporations to pay at least $7.25 to all adult workers, including interns, for each hour of work performed. Require all individuals having incomes exceeding $51,000 to do the same, except for work performed by first degree relatives.

In the event that the reforms on this website (or similar reforms) are not enacted, peacefully divide the United States into thousands of smaller countries, including countries where ethical reasoning prevails, rather than selfish, wishful, repetitive, group-think, self-satisfied, confirmation biased litmus test demagoguery.

J.T. Fournier, last updated February 11, 2012
Pass legislation and a constitutional amendment accomplishing the following:

  • eliminating the US Senate (devolving any beneficial functions to the House, excluding filibusters)
  • banning all forms of honoraria (and remuneration for speaking engagements) by current and former elected officials
  • banning non-majority congresspersons and unelected  individuals from holding up legislation
  • eliminating the current Federal Reserve, placing a new central bank under control of the Treasury Secretary 
  • giving the Treasury Secretary the right to mail equal, well-reasoned sums of money to all U.S. citizens when there exists a shortfall in U.S. demand and U.S. inflation is excessively low
  • giving the Treasury Secretary the right to buy and retire federal government bonds
  • eliminating the nine person Supreme Court, creating and electing a new office for the U.S. Attorney General and a one person Supreme Court by nationwide instant runoff vote, with each elected Supreme Justice and U.S. Attorney General serving a four year term
  • requiring all potential judges at all levels to take a 600 hour course in weighing evidence
  • giving all citizens 18 or over the right to vote
  • permitting any nonviolent citizen or group of citizens having mean per capita wealth and income below 150 percent of the US mean per capita wealth and income to peacefully secede along with their assets.
  • adding any law overturned by courts to general election ballots for voter review, automatically reinstating any law approved by a majority of legally voting voters, banning courts from ever overturning the same law again (putting  federal laws overturned by courts on ballots nationwide and state laws overturned on in-state ballots of the state having the law)
  • requiring all military employees to take a monthly oath to defend American individuals from violence
  • requiring a special election within 80 days to fill any vacated federal non-presidential office held by an elected official, with a governor appointed individual filling the office for no more than 80 days
  • banning any entity from donating more than 100 inflation adjusted 2012 dollars per year to any political campaign or political party
  • limiting Presidents to three four-year terms
  • limiting maximum Congressional annual salaries to two times the median annual earnings of full-time, full-year workers
  • reducing Congressional and Central Bank salaries ten percent each  year the unemployment rate is above 5.9 percent
  • banning military interventions lasting more than 90 days without quarterly House approval 
  • Requiring federal elected officials to participate in a military draft lottery, with a 20 percent chance of being drafted into the infantry as an enlisted soldier with no age, medical or other excuses for escaping service, to be served for two years at the end of each drafted officials current elected term
  • eliminating the electoral college and instead electing presidents by nationwide instant runoff vote
  • creating party-list proportional representation in the House with seats awarded to non-party candidates or party candidates who receive the most votes
  • permitting the U.S. president to introduce legislation requiring a House vote
  • distributing house seats by the best research methods (not census data) using independent, blinded redistricting czars to eliminate gerrymandering
  • implementing nationwide vote by mail
  • eliminating all lifetime judicial appointments, creating judicial terms of four years
  • automatically registering all adult citizens to vote at their address on a national ID card, allowing homeless individuals to be registered at a mail box or the address of an acquaintance.
  • granting DC statehood
  • requiring the president and federal representatives to spend at least 320 days per year in Washington DC or in military bunkers
  • giving every political party having at least 0.2 percent of registered voters registered in their names a spot on ballots
  • banning signing statements
  • granting line item veto power to the president and the ability to override the line item veto to Congress with a two-thirds majority
  • prohibiting labor unions for teachers and government employees
  • prohibiting public school teacher tenure
  • allowing complementary currencies
  • banning the use of electronic devices to record individual votes, requiring election paper trails to be available for inspection for three years after all government elections
  • increasing the size of the House to 1,200 representatives, with no more than one staff member per representative
  • limiting bills and laws to one issue per bill or law
  • prohibiting current and former federal auditors, prosecutors, inspectors, investigators, political appointees, elected officials and federal employees who received a gross, annual federal salary more than $62,000 in inflation adjusted dollars from receiving direct or indirect gifts from anyone other than grandparents and first degree relatives for the rest of their lives; prohibiting the previously mentioned individuals from ever being employed directly or indirectly by any corporation for the remainder of their lives (including freelance, subcontract work and quid pro quo gifts to themselves or first degree relatives from corporations)
  • granting citizens in criminal cases the right to presumed innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, except for financial crimes exceeding four times median family income, where preponderance of evidence shall be the standard.
  • banning any entity operating within the US from loaning money to any foreign government
  • banning the deliberate human importation of living birds, reptiles,  and mammals, except for medically approved purposes
  • allowing a right to resist unlawful entry against any unlawful entrant into a home
  • granting citizens a right to arrest, try, convict, and punish establishment individuals who committed felonies or great evils or both when the justice system has failed to adequately punish them or when laws preventing evils have been nixed
  • banning legislatures from limiting the liability on any corporation
  • banning judges from altering civil damages against corporations by more than 50 percent
  • allowing the president, attorney general, and head of the central bank to make their appointments without congressional approval, giving the attorney general authority to supervise and enforce all financial and anti-trust laws, with funding decided by voters
  • permitting any elected official or appointed official to be removed during their term or appointment with a 80 percent vote by congress or by a 52 percent recall vote by citizens they represent, requiring signatures by eight percent of eligible voters before implementing a recall vote.
  • eliminating pardon power for presidents, governors, and legislators
  • banning all affirmative action policies, and all race, ethnicity, and religion based government mandated financial benefits
  • banning all government grants and tax entitlements to all religious entities
  • banning all government grants to any nonprofit paying anyone more than $7.25 per hour
  • banning the use of any taxpayer funds to resettle any immigrant
  • banning all government desegregation policies
  • lowering the age children may voluntarily drop out of school to 13, requiring drop outs to be employed at least 28 hours per week or perform 80 hours per month of community service or be enrolled with passing grades in a vocational program that meets at least 24 hours per week
  • ending, involuntarily, the public school education of any public school student above age 13 suspended or incarcerated more than a lifetime total of 31 days, except for students who have signed a contract agreeing to serve 420 hours of community service and have completed their service
  • requiring court ordered child support payments to be automatically, electronically deducted from paychecks or added to tax bills (for individuals not receiving regular paychecks)
  • requiring surgical sterilization for any male or pre-postmenopausal female parent failing to pay more than nine (consecutive or nonconsecutive) months of court ordered child support
  • requiring surgical sterilization for any male or pre-postmenopausal female parent who is court ordered to make child support payments and whose mean monthly child support payment per child is under $260 per month
  • requiring surgical sterilization for any male or pre-postmenopausal female spending more than three months of their lives in prison or more than six months of their adult lives on government assistance, not including retirement, nutritional or health care assistance
  • requiring all government activities to be randomly audited at least once every three years by the Attorney General's office
  • requiring all government entities to have anonymous tip lines, run by the Attorney General's office, reporting criminality and inefficiency, making publicly available all submitted tips, except those tips that may endanger the safety of tipsters potentially unable to keep their anonymity
  • granting birthright citizenship only to individuals having at least one US citizen biological parent
  • requiring all privately held corporations to be reorganized as partnerships or sole proprietorships
  • Eliminating diplomatic immunity, holding all individuals within the US to the laws of the land, requiring all diplomats entering the US to sign an oath agreeing to obey US laws and to comply with any punishments for violating US laws
  • banning the use of precedent in legal decisions, requiring all legal decisions be made by an accurate weighing of well-reasoned evidence relevant to each individual case
  • prohibiting government entities from contracting (or otherwise devolving) licensing, inspecting and regulating activities to non-government entities
  • banning all federal elected officials and their first degree relatives from owning equity in any foreign or multinational entities, and from receiving any personal or campaign gifts or funds from any foreign or multinational entity
  • requiring all law enforcement entities to make all evidence publicly available from all law enforcement actions that result in death, injury, destruction of property or confiscation of property
  • banning government aid to private post-secondary schools and their students
  • banning government aid to college students not studying nursing, medicine or high demand, under two-year vocational fields
  • banning federal grants to colleges for purposes unrelated to academic research
  • prohibiting public universities from entering into partnerships with corporations, private partnerships, and sole proprietorships
  • banning federal entities from watering down state and local financial, insurance, and real estate regulations and enforcement
  • requiring that only the following attributes may be considered when hiring for government positions: applicant test score, criminal background or previous work performance--or some combination of the three.
  • banning intellectual property rights from exceeding 20 years from the time of first sale.
  • requiring all government officials to obey all laws of the nation
  • banning all religion based libel and slander lawsuits.
  • Requiring harms to offenders by civil and criminal punishments to at least equal the harms the offenders caused to victims divided by the probabilities of being caught for the offenses from zero to one
  • Banning portions of laws specifying maximum fines
  • Requiring the state or federal appointment of special prosecutors to handle criminal cases involving police, sheriff, and local government officials
  • banning all government officials from hiring or appointing first, second, third degree relatives to any government position.
  • requiring all ballots for state or federal office to list at least ten candidate parties or individuals for each state or federal office, arranged in randomly selected order.
  • requiring election laws, procedures, and enforcement to be consistent throughout the nation
  • prohibiting all state, local, and federal laws from giving any corporation any tax or liability favoritism over individuals, partnerships or sole proprietorships.
  • invalidating all laws banning the possession of devices used primarily for birth control.
  • requiring passing scores on at least three AP tests or at least 40 transferable community college semesters hours to gain degree seeking admission at four-year US institutions of education.
  • removing "of rebellion or" from article one, section nine
  • adding rights to an ethical education; to an honest day's pay for an honest day's work; to clean air, clean water, and healthy nutrition; to well-reasoned medical treatment; to freedom from hypothermia; to freedom of association; to public support when 100 percent disabled; to school environments without hostile, unethical, and disruptive individuals; to well-reasoned consent to a medically assisted death with dignity; to freedom from tyranny arising from unethical ideologies, including religions; to have all legal decisions made by ethically well-reasoned evidence; to not be tortured; to independent legal counsel during criminal cases at no personal cost; to not having life endangered by in-group or out-group members; to permanently leave the nation, provided all court ordered punishments have been paid; to a nation not made worse by the unethical actions of previous generations; to swift legal procedures and highly probable punishments for crimes committed, having harms not grossly exceeding the overall harms done by the crimes and the expected values of interrupted harms and failed attempts at harm; to choose between imprisonment or corporal punishment for minor crimes or crimes with a sufficiently low probability of repeat offense; to peaceful, unarmed individual or group protests on personal or public property, not interfering with the free passage of vehicles or pedestrians, not causing deliberate damage to others' properties; to employ relatives of any age in consensual, nonhazardous, family owned partnerships and sole proprietorships; to video or audio record the public actions of all other individuals; to run for office and hold office when obtaining sufficient votes, except when having a prior felony conviction; to have national laws and legal decisions override foreign nations' laws and decisions affecting US legal residents, including fantasies with labels such as international law; to have no public funds, including tax entitlements, used for religious practices; to all well-reasoned additional rights not described herein
  • requiring creators of negative externalities to pay the full costs of those externalities
  • banning executives from any corporation subject to regulation from ever being employed as regulators
  • prohibiting courts from stopping a regulator, acting lawfully, from restricting the actions of corporations
  • banning all federal foreign aid to foreign governments and quasi-governmental entities--except aid for family planning, communicable disease prevention, and defense from aggression
  • banning abortion during the third trimester, except in cases of rape and maternal health.
  • making all food organism genes and designs always public domain
  • requiring monetary policies to maximize overall ethical benefit to US citizens
  • prohibiting public school teacher tenure; requiring the federal government to set national education standards for non-elective public school courses, test the standards, and provide reports of results--requiring inclusion of the results on student report cards
  • easing the process for adding new amendments to the constitution
  • banning civil judgments and criminal charges against individuals for crimes committed by their relatives, except when individuals have been participants or negligent of their legal duties
  • banning any corporation or government entity from paying less than 40 percent of the nationwide median hourly wage for any work performed
  • banning any multinational corporation operating in the US from operating in the US if they pay hourly wages below 40 percent of the mean hourly wage in any country they operate in
  • granting that no law shall be created or nullified, except by ethically elected officials or the people
  • banning any employer from issuing explicit or implied work related threats to employees to vote or not vote for certain candidates or legislation. 
  • disbaring prosecutors when a preponderance of evidence indicates they have engaged in prosecutor misconduct
  • banning immunity from lawsuits for judges, legislators, and all other government employees for their law violating actions
  • banning privatization of public retirement funds
  • requiring private employer provided retirement funds to be employee controlled
  • banning marriage between first, second or third degree relatives
  • banning any citizen having polygamous relationships from federal benefits and government employment
  • banning non-citizens practicing polygamy from obtaining federal benefits, government employment, and U.S. citizenship
  • removing or replacing all elements of the constitution contradicting the prescriptions herein

Crime and Other Policy Recommendations

Send 80 percent of lawsuit punitive damages and 60 percent of pain and suffering damages above $400,000 to the Treasury.

Remove prisoner on prisoner rape and assault victims (and those at risk of rape, assault or murder) from the general prison population at all U.S. jails and prisons. Implement many of the recommendations of the National Prison Rape Commission.

Ban tax exemptions for any entity having any individuals being paid more than $400,000 per year, including gifts and the monetary value of non-monetary payments.

Segregate prisoners by race and ideology whenever the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs.

Decriminalize consensual sexual activities involving at least one minor when the individuals involved are separated by three years or less in age, except when any involved individual is deliberately killed or deliberately injured, having injuries requiring hospitalization.

Ban the sale, possession or deliberate breeding of lethal reptiles and large cats, except at zoos.

Ban and remove speed bumps from public roads.

Permit contractors to repossess materials, with law enforcement escort, when customers fail to pay.

Create a federally funded and operated chain of sperm banks, open for minuscule fees, to all fertile women citizens. Donor requirements: male; fertile; IQ at least 120; clean urinalysis (including cotinine); no history of drug abuse, drug arrests or court sentences; age 15 to 28; no disabling illnesses; no degrees or work history in the following fields: finance, athletics, lobbying, humanities, social sciences.

Ban anyone having medical degrees from outside the United States and NATO nations from practicing medicine inside the United States.

Defund Upward Bound, Even Start Family Literacy Program, and 21st century Community Learning Centers.

Create a 26 percent negative externalities tax on water use in areas with frequent water shortages, including irrigation water.

Create a 12 percent negative externalities tax on trash collection and dump usage.

Per the National Research Council: build and launch infrared survey spacecraft to look for earth bound objects.

Per Dean Baker: require corporations to give a non-voting share of their stock to governments in exchange for lower corporate tax rates.

Require students to score in the top 25th percentile on standardized tests to attend nonvocational public secondary schools.

Surgically sterilize prisoners under age 45, having greater than 13 month, and less than life without parole sentences.

Adjust all recommendations on this site for inflation.

Ban the sale of lawsuit settlements to third parties.

Ban legalized gaming nationwide.

Require all international money transfer businesses to have a federal license, using license fees to investigate any criminal activities by them.

Require all corporations selling fresh fruit and vegetables to have them irradiated.

Implement universal background checks for firearm and ammunition sales.

Require all citizens born after October 1, 1999, who attended a four-year post secondary school or post graduate school, to have and sufficiently support for 16 years at least two biological children, to be eligible for any public pension.

Ban any government employee pension from exceeding 76 percent of local median wages for a full-time, full-year worker.

Repeal the Fair Pay Act.

Ban recurring billing without physical opt in signatures or keyboard strokes for each item, each time billed.

Require at least six percent of passing Phase II and Phase III studies be conducted in the US before granting FDA approval. Require at least 33 percent of passing Phase I bio and safety studies be done in the US before granting FDA approval.

Eliminate work prohibitions on holders of spousal, fiance, and fiancee visas. Eliminate requirements that spouses of immigrants must provide spousal support after divorces. Prohibit convicted felons from sponsoring any immigrant. Require the INS to approve or disapprove all spousal, fiance, and fiancee visas within two months of application.

Create more prison employment for prisoners. (Numerous studies suggest that prison employment reduces crime.)

Implement a $5000 per month, per child maximum child support award.

Ban alimony.

Replace all land based ICBMs in the contiguous U.S. with submarine based ICBMs.

Ban government employee pay based solely on seniority.

Use social security cards and numbers only for Social Security. Create new national identification cards and numbers. Require names and national identification numbers of both parents to be recorded on US birth certificates when parents are American citizens.

Per Brenna Davis, increase prison pet therapy and "group therapy for substance abuse."

Require pet therapy for all individuals in solitary confinement, not having a high risk to abuse animals.

Increase the budget of the Employment Standards Administration by 80 percent and increase the number of work place inspections by at least 80 percent.

Prohibit any government entity from banning individual filming, photography, videography from any property an individual is legally entitled to sit, walk, stand, or recline upon.

Per Michael Smallberg: "The Department of the Interior should phase out its Royalty in Kind program and return to a market-priced Royalty in Value program." Downblend "excess highly enriched uranium" and sell it to nuclear plants. Implement "more than 13,000 recommendations that have been made by inspectors general since 2001." (End Smallberg.)

Pay teenage females ages 13 to 17 $1.50 per day if they remain childfree. Replicate Ready, Willing, And Able nationwide.

Collect fingerprints and DNA samples of all convicted, violent felons living in the US. (Many argue it violates privacy rights but the samples would protect the much larger privacy, moral, life and property rights of non-criminals. "Given the restricted information we're talking about and the limited access that would be afforded, the main privacy right at stake is the right to commit crimes anonymously"--Steven Pomper)

Levy a $800 billion dollar fine on those convicted of murder. Return fines paid plus interest if convictions are overturned. Require juries to receive research supported training on weighing eyewitness testimony and physical evidence and abuses thereof. Sterilize individuals convicted of murder. Sterilize anyone convicted of more than two separate felony crimes. Attach automatic fines at least equal to the overall cost of harms done to all convicted violations of federal law.

Per Lawrence Sherman and friends:
Require 10 percent of federal-local partnership crime funds be used to establish controlled studies of methods.
Increase spending on federal-local crime partnerships 10 percent.
Create a central evaluation office within the Department of Justice. Put the office in charge of the previous two recommendations and make the office responsible for the results it produces (end of Sherman).

Require those convicted of financial crimes to serve a minimum of one day of hard labor for each $193 of harm done.

Implement CeaseFire in all areas with high rates of violent crime.

Pass the Workplace Wrongful Death Accountability Act, increasing fines and prison sentences for corporate murder and manslaughter.

Exempt individuals earning less than two times the national median income from libel and slander lawsuits. Prohibit libel and slander claims from exceeding 16 percent of defendant assets.

Create national legislation legalizing surrogacy contracts, holding individuals to the surrogacy contracts they sign.

Allow auto owners to purchase insurance allowing them to contract prior to accidents property and personal damage covered, including pain and suffering damages and ability to sue--similar to the Auto Choice Reform Act.

Allow individuals to choose contractual binding precommitments for drug treatment.

Require losers to pay reasonable court costs in civil trials.

Eliminate government funding for all medical practices found to have no overall benefit.

Require all law enforcement employees to wear working video cameras while interacting on duty with individuals. Store the video data for at least 180 days at tamper proof locations. Make the data publicly accessible by Freedom of Information Act requests.

Require all military weapons purchases to be 100 percent US made.

Implement an 18 percent VAT on products containing Olestra, ten percent VAT on foods containing brominated vegetable oils, eight percent VAT on foods containing potassium bromate

Ban the addition of arsenic and growth hormones to livestock or livestock feed.

Repeal all legislation in trade laws that are not direct trade matters.

Pass the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Repeal the Smith-Mundt "Modernization" Act of 2012.

Require all corporate employees earning less than 64 percent of  the national mean hourly income to join the labor union of their choice. Prohibit any corporation from preventing such workers from joining the labor union of their choice.

Prosecute criminal perpetrators without regard to whether victims want to press charges.

Make framing an individual by any other individual, including prosecutors, a felony.

Repeal the Americans with Disabilities Act. Implement a $2.50 hourly wage subsidy for employers hiring citizens  with total disability, paying those citizens at least one-half the local median wage.

Eliminate the Age Discrimination Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Make group purchasing organizations subject to antitrust and anti-kickback laws.

Prohibit patents on intellectual properties directly developed by taxpayer dollars.

Create a strict, new federal anti-corruption, anti-crime agency, fighting crimes committed by law enforcement entities. Prohibit law enforcement officials from seizing any object from any individual, except under court order, or when that object poses an imminent, unlawful threat to individuals or their properties.

Allow new teen drivers to drive only with licensed adults over 20 during their first year with a license. Restrict driving between 10 pm and 5 am. Allow teen drivers solo driving during the six months following the first year, but with no driving between 10 pm and 5 am. Grant an adult driver's license after 18 months are completed with no moving violations or at fault accidents.

Treat all violent crimes committed by individuals of one race against individuals of other races as hate crimes. Treat all financial crimes exceeding $600,000, committed by individuals of one race against individuals of other races, as hate crimes.

Prohibit state and federal prosecution for the same offense. Rid three strikes laws.

Lift the ban on assassinating foreign leaders in situations where majority congressional approval is granted for assassinating foreign leaders.

Ban any entity receiving government contracts from funding political media, making campaign contributions, giving gifts to current and former federal employees, or employing former government officials.

Per Jonathan Cohn: Experiment with malpractice health courts and "sorry works" voluntary reporting of medical errors.

End federal funding of PSA screening.

Implement a 10 percent national sales tax on pet foods and foods harvested from biological hot spots.

Give the attorney general the right to make all justice department appointments and the head of the central bank the right to make all central bank appointments.

Ban false flag operations everywhere, except within the borders of nations Congress declared war on. Make lifetime hard labor the recommended sentence for convictions resulting from false flag activities.

Repeal Race to the Top.

Override all rights of home invaders during their home invasions, banning home invaders from pursuing any judgments for harm done to them during their invasions.

Ban cattle grazing on all sensitive lands in all states and territories. Require all grazing cattle on sensitive lands to be replaced with yaks, other less harmful animals or no grazing animals.

Require all invasive medical devices to pass clinical trials with health benefits at least twice harms before allowing sales. Revoke FDA rule 510(k).

Require all individuals with annual incomes among the top one percent to pay a minimum of 39 percent marginal total federal government taxes on all income above the 98th percentile and 38 percent total federal government taxes on all other income. Require all individuals with annual incomes among the 98th percentile to pay 38 percent marginal total federal government taxes on all income above the 97th percentile and 37 percent total federal government taxes on all other income--and so on, dropping one percent in taxes with each percentile of income position.

Ban any corporation or individual grossing more than $400,000 per year from having negative taxes.

Eliminate The Equitable Sharing Civil Asset Forfeiture Program.

Require all organ donor recipients to be an organ donor or body donor or physically inelegible for both.

Prohibit tax payer funding of health care provided by religious organizations, including tax entitlements to religous organizations.

Ban alleged self-defense laws that allow alleged self-defenders to engage in violence based solely on the alleged self-defenders' emotive states.

Ban girls and women from direct combat military occupations.

Gradually sithdraw from all mutual defense treaties, except those with Australia, New Zealand, and NATO nations.

Ban government entities from selling air, roads, ports, bridges, rivers, creeks, lakes, prisons, airports, parking spaces, police departments, fire departments, and post secondary schools to private entities.

Experiment with prefilling income tax returns (similar to the Danish system).

Withdraw US membership in and support for the IMF.

Use federal funds to pay off Ukranian national debts acquired before 2013.

Ban the internment of cetaceans in any pen smaller than 2000 cubic kilometers. Charge violators according to kidnapping laws.

Charge a 20 percent negative externalities fee on all imports from nations that fine, arrest or convict individuals for speech related crimes (exception: military secrets).

Charge a 20 percent negative externalities fee on all imports from nations that deliberately capture or execute cetaceans.

Require all government entities to fire without further payment (including employee  pensions) at fault government employees when a relevant civil judgment against the government entity exceeds $70,000. Require the fired employees to pay 30 percent of the civil judgment up to $60,000 or 40 percent of the former employees' assets, whichever is larger.

Per Luigi Zingales: implement a one percent tax on short-term debt.

Require the FDA to conduct random, annual inspections of all facilities manufacturing supplements and prescription drugs for the US market. Provide full funding for such inspections. Give inspectors the power to ban production or imports from any facility that fails inspections.

Per David S Miller: "For individuals and married couples who earn, say, more than $2.2 million in income, or own $5.7 million or more in publicly traded securities (representing the top 0.1 percent of families), the appreciation in their publicly traded stock and securities would be 'marked to market' and taxed annually as if they had sold their positions at year’s end, regardless of whether the securities were actually sold."

When any civil judgment is rendered against any government entity for crimes committed by government employees or contractors, require any individuals convicted of those crimes to pay the full amount of civil judgments out their personal assets, excluding amounts exceeding the total assets of those convicted. Require all government employees and contractors to attend a training session informing them that they can be held financially liable for any laws they break, and that following orders is no excuse.

Implement most of the Brennon Center voter registration reforms:

Create an Independent Commission Against Corruption similar to the Australian version.

Permit unused portions of the electromagnetic spectrum to be leased to cell phone entities.

Allow presidents to make all their appointments without Congressional approval.

Eliminate H1-B visas.

Invalidate intellectual property claims when that property is deliberately kept off the market for anti-competitive reasons.

Per the Obama administration: "allow federal judges to quash subpoenas against reporters if they determine that the public interest in the news outweighed the government’s need to uncover the leaker – including, in some circumstances, disclosures of classified national security information." --Charlie Savage

Ban any law that punishes news and opinion generators for keeping sources confidential, except in cases where generators reveal secret military tactics, weapons technologies, or positions of forces.

Ban credit risk insurance, including credit default swaps.

Ban no knock raids.

Replace the Peace Corps with a Planned Birth Corps offering free IUD procedures to females within the U.S. and to females who cannot afford IUDs elsewhere around the world. Spend $380 million annually on a domestic public education campaign promoting the use of IUDs.

Per Fran Korten: "Require shareholders to approve political spending by their corporations... Ban political advertising by corporations that receive government money, hire lobbyists, or collect most of their revenue abroad... Impose a 500 percent excise tax on corporate contributions to political committees and on corporate expenditures on political advocacy campaigns... Prohibit companies from trading their stock on national exchanges if they make political contributions and expenditures... Require publicly traded companies to disclose in SEC filings money used for the purpose of influencing public opinion."

Ban human gene patents, and patents on non-human genes that have not been created in a lab.

Require any intellectual property developed with government money to be made available to no private entities or for free to all private entities.

Eliminate all regional Federal Reserve banks. Eliminate all central bank officials who have not been elected by citizen vote or appointed by officials elected by U.S. citizens.

Create a 135 percent of tuition costs federally administered student loan program for U.S. citizen and permanent resident students at nursing and medical schools with per semester hour costs below the national mean.

Move all criminal trials of public servants to jurisdictions outside the jurisdictions currently or formerly employing the public servants on trial.

End federally funded mammograms for ordinary women under 50.

Support an international treaty that requires all ocean going vessels over ten tons to pay a environmental damages security deposit.

Prohibit all government entities from subcontracting prisons, litigation, law enforcement, or tax collection to private entities.

Apply all fines and forfeitures collected after criminal trials to the national debt.

Provide federal funds to purchase and preserve 178,000 acres of U.S. Sugar's land in the Everglades at minimal price.

Ban all doctors from working more than 16 hours in a 24 hour period.

Require the salt added to processed foods to be at least 30 percent potassium chloride by mass.

Pass the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2009, State Secrets Priviledges Act, FISA Amendments Act of 2009, USA PATRIOT Amendments Act of 2009, National Security Letters Reform Act of 2009, Immigration Oversight and Fairness Act, and Executive Branch Accountability Act of 2009.

Create an international treaty requiring all synthetic DNA sellers to screen orders with lists of dangerous pathogens, to report and punish violators. Embargo any nation that fails to find and punish violators.

Make all first class, one ounce stamps forever stamps.

Eliminate funding for air marshals.

Require own-cognizance systems nationwide. Ban bail bond systems.

Require all criminal trials or plea agreements for non-violent crimes, causing less than $10,000 in damages, to take place within four working days of arrests.

Per Mark Kleiman: experiment with sentencing juveniles to empty, solitary hotel rooms and school books. Require all jurisdictions to implement the Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement system, with minor violators, having curfews monitored with GPS devices. Provide adequate federal funds to support the system.

Implement all of Lawrence Sherman's anti-crime prescriptions nationwide.

Create an one dollar negative externalities fee on each sent text message.

Ban former federal employees that had a security clearance from gaining gifts, contracts or employment from foreign and multinational entities.

Ban anyone formerly employed by the drug industry from working for the FDA. Ban all former corporate executives from working for the FDA. Nationalize any drug company that repeatedly publishes fraudulent medical data.

Require all applicants for positions at financial regulatory agencies and the FBI to read and pass a test on the following books: ECONned, 13 Bankers, Predator Nation, The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins, and Debt: The First 5,000 Years. 

Reduce, automatically, the salary of every federal agency head by one percent every time their agency fails to comply with FOIA a request in the required amount of time.

Require oil polluters to pay the full costs for harms caused times two.

Restore CDC preparedness funds.

Ban the use of computers and cell phones by drivers of vehicles in motion.

Require audio entertainment controls to disable when vehicles are moving on all new vehicle audio systems.

Ban convicted rapists from contacting their victims as well as first, second, third degree relatives of their victims. Ban convicted murderers from contacting first, second, and third degree relatives of their victims.

Ban all over the counter supplements found to cause worse impairment of vehicle operators than a blood alcohol content of 0.08 does.

Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Add a two percent of assets or annual income, whichever is greater, federal fine to any DWI or texting while driving conviction.

Require all schools and government offices to provide treadmill desks, backless padded stools, or cushioned 120 degree angle chairs for all students and employees.

Repeal the $75 million liability cap on oil companies.

Pass the Specter Amendment to the Exchange Act.

Revoke Rule 144A.

Require hospitals to provide private drop off spots for babies that mothers plan to abandon.

Encourage 55-year-olds to have a federally funded scope exams of their bowels, removing polyps.

Require medical providers to give a printed copy of any dangerous test results to patients..

Implement the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission national standards.

Pass the Healthy Families Act, legislating seven days of paid sick leave each year for workers.

Create the necessary incentives to implement a worldwide ban on the distribution and production of ephedrine and psuedoephedrine.

Prohibit any multinational corporation with outstanding legal judgments--exceeding two years without payment, excluding publishers--in any country having their production facilities from doing business with and in the US.

Pass the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2011 and
Non-Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Act of 2011

Ban student-athletes from receiving public funds at any post secondary school where coaches receive salaries higher than the median salary of full time, full year workers.

Ban any law enforcement employee convicted of any felony from remaining employed with any government entity and from manufacturing  any  lawsuits related to their law enforcement employment.

Ban non-medical doctors from performing male circumcisions. Charge anyone who puts their mouth on the penis of a recently circumcised child with sexual assault and reckless endangerment.

Require all individuals contemplating non-emergency surgeries to be informed of non-surgical alternatives and of expected values for surgery and alternatives by independent decision making experts. Prohibit the experts from receiving any gifts or payments from the medical industry.

Ban all seizures of non-lethal private property by law enforcement agencies, except when ordered by courts as the result of a civil or criminal trial or pretrial agreement.

Pay convicts and drug addicts $2,000 to obtain permanent, federally funded birth prevention, except those already sterile and those serving mandatory life sentences.

Rid the Davis Bacon Act.

Ban the importation of all species of live freshwater and salt water animals.

Pass an abortion consistency law: In any state restricting abortions during the first trimester, require all girls and women aged 11 to 68 to subsist on supplements, white bread, white rice, skinless potatoes, and unsalted saltines. Prohibit any labor among these girls and women that might induce an abortion. Ban the sale of all other foods to men having wives, mothers or daughters aged 11 to 68. Require any female who eats other substances to watch a four hour fetus video. Fine any company that sells other drugs or foods to the individuals above seven million dollars for reckless endangerment. Require monthly, random testing for pregnancy and banned substances, including, but not limited to, alcohol, Skittles, and pork chops.

Require national ID cards for employment. Fine employers $27,000 for every illegal immigrant employee they hire.

Ban all trademarks on all words contained in the 2000 edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, except for words already trademarked.

Require anyone conceiving a child with an individual married at the time of conception to pay child support if the married individual or their spouse retains sole custody of that child and that child is under 18.

Give any pregnant tween, teenager, or convicted felon $400, and another $500 to a charity of her choice, if she gives her child for adoption to the best available parents within the first three months after birth.

Prohibit states and local governments from restricting the number of taxi licenses granted to individuals and partnerships, except to ensure that taxis are adequately insured and have passed safety and emissions inspections.

Prohibit prisoners from using online dating sites.

Begin antitrust actions in all industries with more than seven billion dollars in gross, annual receipts, having six or fewer competitors controlling over 92 percent of those receipts.

Require all government fines to at least equal the dollar value of the harm done.

Require all law enforcement agencies to fire employees directly responsible anytime agencies lose lawsuits exceeding $40,000 for violating the rights of individuals. Prohibit those fired individuals from working in law enforcement elsewhere.

Eliminate the DEA.

Create a ten percent VAT on new clothing.

Require all food manufacturers selling food in America, having gross receipts exceeding $140,000, to include trace amounts of pork or dog meat in all their foods.

Require individuals sentenced to more than 30 days for financial crimes to serve their sentences in supermax prisons.

Make it a felony to tamper with recording devices owned by any level of government.

Pass the End Debt Collector Abuse Act of 2010 and the Justice for Survivors of Sexual Assault Act of 2009.

Require all college or vocational students to serve a 200 hour internship within the field they plan to major before they start classes within their field.

Permanently ban anyone sentenced to more than four days in jail, more than $5,000 in fines, or more than 50 hours of community service for financial crimes from working in the financial industry. Permanently ban the CEO of any corporation fined more than $4.5 million for financial crimes committed during the CEO's tenure from ever working in finance or as an executive in any capacity.

Require all religious entities receiving more than $9,000 in annual donations to file an IRS Form 990 every year.

Prohibit the central bank from having private regional banks.

Ban all partnerships between law enforcement agencies and potential white collar criminals.

Repeal the diversity visa program.

Ban corporations from sales and solicitations on public property.

Ban business schools at public post-secondary schools. Ban the use of public funds at private business schools.

Ban chiropracty

Ban all government entities from forcing victims to pay the costs of others' negative externalities.

Require all business and government entities to report all hazardous substances they release into the environment to the EPA and to individuals filing FOIA requests.

Provide federal matching funds for state and local infrastructure projects passing adequate overall benefit-harm tests any time the national unemployment rate is above 5.2 percent.

Prohibit religious schools from receiving any form of government funding.

Require consumer diagnostic systems to be accessible to independent mechanics.

Ban any foreign entity or individual fined for bribery or extortion, or convicted of bribery or extortion from doing business with any US entity or from entering the US.

Ban all motor vehicles licensed outside the US and Canada from traveling on US roads.

Ban anyone without a valid license from driving on US roads.

Verify the identity of motor vehicle registration purchases and renewals with the national ID card.

Pardon all individuals for their marijuana specific crimes, except those involving the operation of machinery while under the influence and those involving poisonings.

Expunge all federal marijuana convictions from criminal records, except those involving the operation of machinery while under the influence.

Create a new ten year federal hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering license good for use on federal lands and waterways for the the removal of designated harmful species.

Ban storage of coal ash at locations vulnerable to large spills into waterways.

Require multinational entities anywhere to pay a $2.09 million minimum fine to the heirs of any individual proven to have been killed by the negligence of the multinational entity. Ban any entity failing to pay required US ordered fines from sales, production or distribution within the US.

Ban phone calls delivering prerecorded messages, except prerecorded messages from friends, relatives, and government agencies.

Ban the use of cell phones by drivers in moving motor vehicles.

Ban state and local restrictions on non-fossil fuel energy projects in and above US waters.

Ban anyone from accessing individual credit reports directly from credit rating agencies, except leasers, creditors, judicial system officials, and the individuals named on the reports.

Require own recognizance systems nationwide.

Ban the removal of well-functioning hydroelectric dams until any year fossil fuels produce less than one percent of US electrical energy.

Make all non-military, non-diplomatic, and non-toxic waste  dumpsters public domain, including the property under and in the immediate vicinity of dumpsters. Ban individuals from poisoning food in dumpsters and from locking access to dumpsters (excepting  military, diplomatic, and toxic waste dumpsters).

Require all state and federal legislators to live at least 210 nights per year in randomly selected for rent or sale housing in the poorest zip code within their district, state capital city, or Washington DC.

Repeal laws imposing costs on employers that require employers to meet employee religious requests.

Require all federal agencies and departments to undergo independent financial audits at well-reasoned intervals.

Implement a twenty percent VAT on all purchases made by the Department of Defense from private entities.

Create a new Truman Committee to investigate the Department of Defense.

Pass The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act.

Prohibit any individual from being punished for audio or video recording any public activities engaged in by any government employee or contractor. Make it a felony for government officials to punish employees for reporting legitimate crimes and misconduct committed by contractors or other government employees. Make it a crime not to report crimes committed by fellow government employees or contractors. Eliminate the pensions of any government employee convicted of any felony, except when the convictions are later overturned. Return any forfeited retirement payments to retired government employees when felony convictions are later overturned. Require every state to create an investigators and prosecutors division to prosecute crimes committed by government employees. Fully fund the divisions with federal funds. Elect the heads of the divisions by statewide elections. Allow the heads to make all division appointments and to override the decisions of local prosecutors to prosecute or not prosecute government employees. Put the division in complete control of all dash-cams and and other state and local law enforcement recording devices. Prohibit employees of this division from knowingly socializing with other government employees while off duty.

Finish construction of the US-Mexico border fence.

Require time and a half pay for all work done for corporations beyond forty hours per week.

Ban unpaid internships and all other unpaid work at corporations, government employers, and political parties.

Create federally funded clinics to provide a low-cost daily fixes for drug addicts. Require all addicts to arrive and leave the clinics by walking or public transportation. Make all dosing records electronically available to law enforcement agencies.

Create dozens of Truman Commissions for all major areas of state, local, and federal spending.

Ban states and local governments from reducing mean class sizes below 21 students per classroom.

Repeal the Proxmire Amendments, preventing the FDA from regulating huge doses of vitamins.

Give nuclear weapons to Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. Repeal any legislation preventing such. Do not announce the gift until completed.

Tax corporations on their total global income. Credit them for taxes paid elsewhere on income earned elsewhere, provided the corporate taxes paid elsewhere are paid at a rate at least equal to U.S. corporate tax rates. If the rate paid elsewhere is less than the U.S. rate, require corporations to make up the difference to the U.S. Treasury. Ban any corporation failing to pay taxes owed to the U.S. from doing business in the U.S. and ban their currently employed executives from entering the U.S.

Give civilian prosecutors the right to prosecute crimes committed by military personnel.

Ban the construction of no outlet roads and neighborhoods. Ban the use of public funds for maintenance on no outlet roads and roads directly or indirectly connected to only one major road, including public utilities.

Institute a $50,000 government medical care limit for criminals injured while committing a violent crime.

Ban government agencies from hiring armed contractors.

Remove Secret Service protection for any individual or family having greater than eight million dollars in assets.

Require all contracts to be easily comprehensible to consumers. Nullify new contracts written at reading levels greater than consumers signing them.

Change the name of the "federal" income tax to the non-flat tax.

Eliminate funding for BioWatch.

Deport any immigrant making false claims of domestic violence in order to gain residency or citizenship any time a preponderance of evidence suggests false claims of domestic violence.

Fire all military personnel having a rank above 0-7. Draft all individuals who own more than $11,800,000 in defense contractor equities to serve as privates in the infantry for 12 years. Draft all active and retired senior defense contractor executives to serve as infantry privates for the rest of their lives.

Prohibit motor vehicles not meeting the emissions standards held by the strictest U.S. county from entering the United States. Exempt tourist, passenger vehicles from Canada.

Pass S. 1196, Chuck Grassley's e-verify bill.

Suspend without pay for at least 90 days government employed medical professionals refusing for religious reasons to perform ethically justified procedures.

Defund military bands.

Require all potential organ recipients to be potential organ donors themselves, except if their organs would be harmful to use.

Provide federal funding to eliminate wild polio from the planet.

Ban government backed loans to private schools.

Prohibit government funds, including tax entitlements, from going to any religious entity,

Implement a 40 percent minimum VAT on all non-biological herbicides and pesticides.

Grant water rights to owners of lands rainwater falls onto, until the rainwater leaves those lands.

Eliminate all Freedom of Information Act exemptions, except Department of Defense exemptions specifically granted by Congress and the President.

Eliminate the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program.

Separate all state and federal prisoners by race, religion and nonreligion, except when doing so would create excessive costs.

Implement a 36 percent federal minimum tax on adjusted gross incomes above $200,000 per year.
Ban the privatization of prisons, tax debts, water supplies, and court ordered fines.
Ban relatives from abrogating living wills.
Ban lawsuits against good samaritans when their acts are reasonable.
Ban non-temporary seizures of property, except under court order or legislative act.

Ban organized sports and pageants for individuals under the age of 17.

Ban smoking in all buildings, vehicles, and other enclosed spaces containing individuals under the age of 18.

Ban libel and slander lawsuits exceeding 16 percent of a defendant's net assets or yearly income, whichever is greater.

Ban anyone convicted of a felony from suing victims of said crime for any harms the convict suffers committing the crime.

Ban individuals under the age of 17 from firing handguns, automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons having muzzle velocities greater than 790 feet per second, except in defense of self or others.

Ban the purchase or consumption of alcohol or tobacco products by knowingly pregnant individuals.

Permit victims of paternity fraud to sue for damages, except when the resulting child lives below the federal poverty level and the person committing the fraud is the custodial parent.

Create a mandatory minimum sentence of 180 days for anyone convicted of knowingly, falsely accusing another individual of a felony.

Eliminate mandatory minimums, except those recommended here.

Ban anyone convicted of rape from having having any parental rights over any children resulting from the rape.

Ban any circumcisions without anesthesia.

Eliminate federal funding for PSA screening, except for men with a previous histories of prostate cancer or family histories of prostate cancer.

Implement a six percent federal property tax on non-manufacturing corporate owned or leased properties.

Ban unsolicited advertising by text message. Fine advertisers $0.80 for every such advertising text sent.

Require every state to score eight or higher on the Trust for America's Health pathogen preparedness scale by the end of 2014. Fine states $100 per resident for every point they are below eight.

Require all government contracts and purchases to be made solely on a cost-benefit basis.

Ban government employed medical professionals from prescribing more expensive treatments when cheaper equivalent or better treatments are available.

Per Robert McIntyre: "repeal the tax rule that indefinitely exempts offshore profits from United States corporate income tax."

Permit the USPS to provide basic banking services.

Ban drug makers from giving free samples of habit forming psychoactive drugs and below cost samples of habit forming psychoactive drugs.

Increase the IRS Budget by $6 billion per year, using the entire increase to audit and investigate individuals with suspected incomes over $90,000 per year. Thereafter, increase the IRS budget one billion dollars for every $800 billion increase in GDP.

Create a 155 percent negative externalities VAT on neonicotinoid pesticides.

Create 12 percent VAT on clothing made with synthetic fibers.

Pass the ACHE Act, banning mountain top destruction.

Adopt Sweden's law criminalizing the purchase of prostitution and decriminalizing the sale of such.

Exempt from federal, payroll, and state income taxes the first $17,000 in annual earnings by dropouts and home schooled children between the ages of 13 and 18.

Ban public post secondary schools from requiring humanities, social science, natural science courses for students not majoring in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences. Ban government aid to noncomplying schools.

Give US citizenship to infants only when both parents are US citizens.

End all immigration and migration to the US.

Eliminate all visas to the US, except tourist, student, and diplomatic visas for citizens of Japan, Taiwan, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and NATO nations.

Remove Turkey and Albania from NATO.

Ban drug makers from paying public practice doctors.

Expand the ban on insider trading to all U.S. citizens and anyone making trades to and from the United States.

Send 20 percent of all fines collected from financial criminals to financial whistleblowers. If no whistleblower exists for a given conviction, send 20 percent to a pool for whistleblowers from other convictions.

Provide federal funds to establish and run organizations similar to the Westergaard Foundation.

Randomly select all congressional committee heads.

Rescind the tax exempt status of all entities not devoting at least 82 percent of their funds for primary human services--nutrition, health care, infidel primary education.

Ban tax holidays.

Require all items collected for recycling within the US to be processed within the US.

Require all US police officers to have four inch high individual identifying letters and numbers on the back of their shirts and jackets.

Create Independent commissions to fight corruption at the federal and state level in all states.

Sentence individuals convicted of hiring illegal immigrants to reside for the remainder of their lives in neighborhoods having household incomes below 70 percent of the national median household income in addition to any fines or other sentences recommended for them.

Ban mandatory arbitration clauses in all contracts between corporations and private individuals.

Make it a felony for any government employee or contractor to confiscate any recording without a court order.

Repeal Section 601 of HR 1905, the section banning diplomacy.

Ban anyone in prison, on parole or on probation from holding political office or holding a politically appointed state, local or federal position.

Strip every legal advantage corporations have over sole proprietorships.

Ban any government pension from exceeding the median annual income of full time, full year workers.

Pass a federal good samaritan law.

Repeal the Jumpstart Our Business Startups  (JOBS) Act.

Grant Samoa and Puerto Rico independence.

Prohibit territories from having federal government tax advantages over states.

Have all government entities buy any properties or other assets that they are currently leasing when the long-term costs of leasing exceed the long-term costs of buying.

Ban S corporations.

Place all US phone numbers on a marketer do not call or text registry, except when number owners choose to opt out of the registry.

Require US students to read Eurabia and Islam and Dhimmitude by Bat Ye'or, then pass tests on them to receive a GED, high school diploma, or college admission.

Require any individual convicted of any perjury that had resulted in the legal punishment of an innocent defendent to face an equal or greater legal punishment.

Require all publicly published government computer forms and all government publications intended for mass distribution to be published in at least two different file formats.

Require all law enforcement patrol vehicles to have dash cameras, making all recordings publicly available.

Double federal non-opiate pain reduction research and development. 

Ban prescriptions of stimulants for weight loss.

Require any individual prescribing any psychoactive drug to any US resident minor to issue a well-reasoned report explaining why the problems could not be sufficiently alleviated with moral actions and physical exertion.

Ban government gifts to corporations.

Prohibit regulators from being embedded with the entities they regulate.

Provide federal funds to extend by up to 40 percent the operating hours of public libraries having a mean of 25 or more adult patrons inside.

Ban all government vehicles from speeding unless they have flashers on.

Hire 9000 additional U.S. Labor Department investigators and prosecutors.

Ban degree holders from post secondary schools charging more than $300 per semester hour from being employed by the federal government, except MDs, nurses, engineers, and natural scientists.

Ban government insurance for any private financial entity or product.

Use federal funds to replicate the Colorado Family Planning Initiative.

Pass a 0.2 percent financial transactions tax.

Create a federal sperm bank of sperm from whistleblowers and corruption fighters.

Require anyone who applies for welfare benefits to become surgically sterilized before obtaining such benefits.

Require any male who applies for disability benefits to become surgically sterilized before obtaining such benefits.

Require any female under age 45 who applies for disability benefits to become surgically sterilized before obtaining such benefits.

Offer fertile, current or former special education students $20,000 to become surgically sterilized.

Ban anyone having an IQ under 112, age over 35 or any felony convictions from donating to any US sperm bank.

Prohibit political party affiliations from being listed on ballots.

Decide congressional salaries every two years during general elections, with three options available to voters: the current salary, a 20 percent pay cut, a 20 percent increase.

Ban the federal government from hiring anyone with any post-secondary degree in the so-called humanities or social sciences, except econometrics.

Ban government funding to educational entities requiring courses in the so-called humanities and social sciences.

Implement a 50 percent negative externalites VAT on homeopathic and faith healing goods and services.

Ban organized sports from having US residents under the age of 18 practice more than five hours per week. Ban organized flag and tackle football for US residents under 18. Ban heading in organized soccer for under 18s.

Create a less expensive legal training and licensing system similar the UK's, but with more options for apprenticeship training and licensing.

Ratify New Start.

Gradually increase the number of federally funded clinical trials by 40 percent.

Ban all universities receiving public funds from charging student activity fees.

Grant any foreigner appearing at a US embassy or consulate the right to present sufficient evidence for any relationship that led to the birth of a child by a named US citizen or resident. When the named US individual does not provide basic child support for the minor, court order the named US individual to undergo parental DNA testing. If the US citizen or resident is proven by DNA evidence to be the biological parent of a minor non-citizen living outside the US, deduct $400 per month, per child in child support from the US parent's salary or assets, and electronically transfer the funds to the foreign child or their guardian. Alter the $400 per month on a purchasing power parity basis based on the location of the child's primary residence.

Pass the Byrd Mine and Workplace Safety and Health Act, The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2001, and the Internet Freedom Act.

Require all entities having any individuals receiving yearly total remuneration above the national median income for a full-time, full-year worker to pay at least $7.25 per hour for work done by any other US individuals, except a) first degree relatives working for family owned partnerships and sole proprietorships or b) individuals receiving wage subsidies putting their hourly total income above $7.24 per hour.

Approve the Minamata Convention to reduce mercury exposure.

Require brass plated door knobs, handles, and hand rails in all public buildings to reduce the spread of pathogens.

Investigate representative samples of all packaged food products sold at retail chains having more than $100 million in annual sales. Fine food producers when major ingredients differ from labels by more than ten percent.

Begin anti-trust actions against any cartels, monopolies, oligopolies operating within the United States, earning more than $200 million per year.

Require all cell phone providers to unlock cell phones at the request of cell phone owners.

Require the results of all clinical trials to always be published. Fine drug makers $600 million for any new, unpublished clinical trial beginning in 2013.

Eliminate H-1B visas.

Pass the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act.

Pass a public infrastructure bill making up for the shortfall in demand during any period of deflationary traps. Provide for the sunsetting of the bill when the unemployment rate drops below 5.4 percent. Require a modern Harold Ickes and disciples to run the program.

Ban any law from prohibiting the travel of bicycles traveling under ten miles per hour from riding on sidewalks.

Require surgical sterilization for all convicted murderers and for any individual having greater than one violent crime conviction, except when they are already sterile.

Require surgical sterilization for individuals who have had a child removed from them for greater than 90 days for abuse or neglect, except when the individuals are already sterile.

Repeal the 1991 Civil Rights Restoration Act.

Require all publicly funded published research to published in open-access publications.

Ban the sale or export of weaponry by US individuals to foreign entities, except when approved by Congressional majorities.

Implement a few anti-terrorism prescriptions of the Gilmore Commission:

Downsize the service academies to nothingness. Use ROTC programs and promotion of enlisted personnel to create officers.

Prohibit any individual from receiving more than $250,000 combined per year from all entities obtaining government contracts.

Vagueness per Bill Joy: "Create an international body to publicly examine the dangers of technologies... Relinquish pursuit of that knowledge and development of those technologies so dangerous that we judge it better that they never be available."

Require all school, commercial, and government buildings larger than 4000 square feet, and having a mean of at least 14 individuals within them during working hours, to have HEPA filters on heating and air conditioning systems.

Fund efficient syringe exchange programs.

Restore funding for the Microbiological Data Program and reform the program.

Ban the incarceration and negligent killing of cetaceans.

Declare any sea lane with high rates of piracy to be a few boat zone, banning all vessels except row boats, international shipping, and international military craft. Within the no boat zone, seize or sink all non-rowed vessels from suspected pirate groups.

Ban the for profit sale of products containing triclosan.

Disallow anyone who received means tested federal benefits during the previous 16 years from sponsoring or cosponsoring immigrants.

Require all K-16 schools to pay for all reasonable medical treatments resulting from injuries acquired during school sponsored sports activities.

Grant a $2500 refundable tax credit to drops outs under the age of 18 for each year they are employed full time-full year while under 18.

Require parents and guardians failing to obtain required vaccinations for their custodial children to pay a $3000 annual negligence tax each year they fail to vaccinate.

Charge individuals using homeopathy and faith healing on children with practicing medicine without a license.

JT Fournier, last updated May 2, 2016